Just like a mantra, she crystallizes the flow of your thoughts. You should lay down in your sofa and enjoy the silence. Unintentionally, NoHo, alias Noémie Houbart absorbs you. There is no need to resist to the turtle’s kiss.

Let’s start the story from the beginning.

Rocked by her mother’s voice, Noémie sings and invents her melodies since she is very young ; on her way to school for fullfilling her slow lifestyle, maybe also for going away from this hustling city, Brussels and her Esseghem area in Jette. She composes every day a capella fragments of songs and keeps singing them to make fun of herself and laugh about the fact that her classmate call her « the turtle».

The youngest of a blended family with 7 children is well surrounded. Her big brothers and sister take care of that pretty face. It is in Saint-Tropez that her life shifts for the first time. She is 15 years old and her face gets noticed in the street. Spotted by talent scouts, the young teenager plunges into the Parisian fashion show. The child of the city starts a modelling career. Uncertain about her choices, everything goes too fast for her. Spoiled, she quits with this world 6 years later with anorexia and tries to get over it by hurtling off into communications sciences studies at University (UCL).

Next to that, Noémie goes on her road and sings in her first rock band, in a punk-grunge style. A few one-night’ successes in Brussels but the band breaks up 3 years later. Her ears are saturated by electric sounds. It is time for her to travel on her own and go accross Irish lands in order to improve her English and also to discover acoustic sounds from the Anglo-Saxon folk world.

The revelation occurs: she must go back to her vital need of authenticity and simplicity. To reflect her deep self, she wants to decelerate the world around her and leave this world of appearances. When she is back, she goes for long walks in the Woluwe parc which is now her favorite place of inspiration. A deep breath of oxygen which helps her to concentrate on her texts. Now she wants to enjoy life to the fullest and she starts to climb and sing without limits. She trains in climbing rooms and experience climbing mountains and cliffs intensively. She throws on those impassable rocks her melodies which are recorded into nature on the dictaphone of her phone.

NoHo was born.

A few months later, her road crosses the tracks of the guitarist & producer, Quentin Dujardin. It is a shock.
Her voice type touches him and together, they decide to settle in the Condroz in order to get down to work for the first recordings.The main line comes out in a few weeks and the NoHo universe is drawned serenely. A refined sound and with no artefacts comes to life. Direct voice takes and slow grooves emerge just like those forests which surround the village where they live.

It is time now to share the story further because the path is still unpredictable for this artist who is strong, sensitive and fragile. A slow folk universe in slow expansion.

The latest single were produced by Quentin Dujardin alongside Nicolas Fiszman (Cabrel, Sting) and Arnout Hellofs (Hooverphonic) is now out.